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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are an important tool for any dentist, especially when it comes to treating children. They allow us to properly monitor your child’s development by providing insight into their dental health that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

At Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry, we are committed to the health and happiness of your child. As your son’s or daughter’s first dentist, we understand the importance of creating positive doctor-patient relationships that will foster and encourage good dental hygiene as they grow. That’s why it’s a great idea to introduce them to the dentist early on. We are a green and completely paperless office, because while we are busy thinking about your environment, we are also considering the rest of the world!

It’s Helpful

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

A dental X-ray provides a complete blueprint of your child’s mouth. This helps Dr. Anu to supervise your children’s teeth as they erupt and monitor for any anomalies as well as detect dental problems that can’t be seen in a visual examination. Like with any problem, the earlier we can detect cavities, bone diseases or tooth injuries, the sooner we can begin working to prevent or treat them.

Keeping Safe

X-Ray Safety

X-ray images are an important tool for any dentist, they help us to pick up dental decay early and also help to see the extent of the decay.

They also help observe any developmental anomalies in growth.

At RMCD we use digital x-ray machines, which provide up to seventy percent less radiation than conventional x-rays.

Safety of your child is our main concern.

Meet Dr. Anu Korada

Having trained as a dentist in the UK, I was interested in pediatric dentistry from the beginning. I was drawn to the fun, innocence and honesty of children. Being a mother of two young children, I understand what the important things are when bringing up children. That’s why we as a family chose Maple Ridge, Canada to move from London, UK.

I have over ten years of experience working in pediatric and special care dentistry including Canada and the UK. I also love teaching Pediatric Dentistry at UBC and BC Children's Hospital.

I strongly believe that good oral hygiene is the gateway to good overall general health. Providing children positive experiences and developing coping skills for the not-so-good experiences will strengthen them and prepare them for adulthood.

Although baby teeth are temporary, they play a vital role: they support the growth of the jaw and face. They provide spacing for the adult teeth to grow. My role as a pediatric dentist is to provide an environment that is confortable for your children and work with the parents to encourage a positive attitude towards oral health.

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