No one likes to think about their child in pain but, unfortunately, dental emergencies do occur. As your children grow up and begin leading increasingly active lives, the opportunities for injury increase. Blows to the head or mouth can often cause serious damage to their teeth and require immediate attention from a children’s dentist. Whatever the dental emergency Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry is here to help.

When It’s An Emergency

Some dental emergencies are relatively simple to identify. For example, excessive bleeding from the mouth following an accidental blow to the face is a pretty clear indicator that you should seek out an emergency children’s dentist immediately. However, some emergencies are not as conspicuous. If your child experiences continual jaw pain with no apparent cause, it could be indicative of a problem with their teeth. In such cases, it’s a good idea to call Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry and request an emergency appointment with Dr. Anu Korada.

Knocked Out Tooth?

Has your child managed to knock out a tooth? If it is a baby tooth do not try to force the tooth back in. If it is an adult tooth there are two things we recommend:

  1. Try to gently push the tooth back into place
  2. If the tooth will not stay in place put the tooth in a glass of milk

After you have done these things call us and we will schedule a time to assess the next steps of treatment.

If your child requires urgent attention from an experienced children’s dentist, call (604) 380-0101 right away.

Don’t waste toothpaste, save your money! Here are some Orthodon-tips on size…

Babies – A grain of rice size

Toddlers – A pea size

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