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At Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry, we are committed to the health and happiness of your child. As your son’s or daughter’s first dentist, we understand the importance of creating positive doctor-patient relationships that will foster and encourage good dental hygiene as they grow. That’s why it’s a great idea to introduce them to the dentist early on.

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Baby’s First Appointment

All children should receive a checkup by the time they’re 12 months old. When your baby’s first teeth starting coming in, it’s time to call Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry. At your child’s first appointment, Dr. Anu will examine the health and positioning of their baby teeth. This is the starting point where we can begin monitoring their dental health. It also provides you and your baby the chance to get acquainted with our practice and meet our caring team.

Growing Up

Children can often be nervous when visiting the dentist, but Dr. Anu and her team create a calming environment that will allow both you and your child to relax. We also offer sedation dentistry for children with dental anxiety. At every check up, we will provide a gentle and thorough cleaning of your children’s teeth to keep them squeaky clean before inspecting their mouth for developmental issues. As your children grow, you can trust Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry to provide the same friendly, caring service.

To learn more about our caring approach to children’s dentistry or to request an appointment, contact us today.

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