Oral Hygiene & Diet

At Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry we pay particular attention to Oral Hygiene habits. While we provide expert care and attention to your child’s developing oral health, it’s also our job to work with you to instill positive brushing habits that will last a lifetime. We do this by carefully monitoring your son’s or daughter’s dental hygiene, providing positive reinforcement for good cleaning habits and encouraging them to pay more attention to problem areas.


As kids grow up, it’s important to ensure they maintain good dental hygiene to keep them happy and healthy. Poor dental hygiene or insufficient brushing can lead to gum disease and cavities, as well as affecting their overall health. While cavities can be remedied with fillings from Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry, too many childhood dental problems is an early sign that they need to spend more time brushing.

Cleaning Routine

Once your children are old enough to brush their own teeth, it’s important to make sure they are adhering to a comprehensive cleaning routine every day. This routine should include brushing for a full 2 minutes, at least twice a day. Flossing every night before they go to bed will also eliminate built up plaque between their teeth and strengthen their gums. A good cleaning routine and regular cleanings from Ridge Meadows Children’s Dentistry will keep their mouths as clean as a whistle.


We all have that food that isn’t quite healthy but have a hard time saying no to. Whether it’s chocolates, candy, sticky toffee, soda or fish crackers we all enjoy a treat every now and then. The problem arises when too much of these types of treats are consumed and begin to affect a child’s oral health. We recommend that foods of this type only be consumed once a week!

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